History of Alert Care

Since 1984, Alert Care's AMBULARM has been used by caregivers as a simple, cost effective way to reduce patient falls and restraint usage. In that period more than 2,000 health care facilities have used nearly 100,000 AMBULARMS. AMBULARM benefits include the reduction of restraints and lowering falls by 30% or more on selected nursing stations. The AMBULARM was designed to support hospitals and nursing homes interested in Patient Fall Prevention and Reducing the Use of Restraints.

Our experience indicates a hospital averages one fall incident per bed per year. While about one third of institutional falls occur with patients who are restrained, two thirds of falls reported in hospitals and nursing homes are reported from patients who are not in restraints.

Alert Care, Inc Tiburon , CA is a leading producer and marketer of patient fall prevention devices for hospitals and skilled nursing care units. The company markets its AMBULARM to offer caregivers new tools in their efforts to provide a safe, restraint free environment and prevent falls. AMBULARM is used today in more than 1500 hospitals and nursing homes in the United States. Our goal is to provide caregivers worldwide AMBULARM and other products we have under development to link the caregiver and patient.

Alert Care Today

We’ve all had to adapt and evolve to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we now have a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the avpproval and global rollout of COVID vaccines, there are still some essential safety measures that we shouldn’t forego. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is just as important as ever to prevent the spread of the virus.

Supply shortages and trade restrictions made things difficult for everyone as the demand for PPE skyrocketed. At the start of the pandemic, the top priority was keeping medical teams anTd the highest-risk patients safe. But now, due to the hard work of PPE providers like Alert Care, we can all benefit from these safety measures. PPE is widely available – even for the average person at home!

Here’s what Alert Care is doing to help.

As a global leader in the safety space, we work tirelessly to deliver safety solutions to all markets. This includes hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide, along with multiple other settings. With our core goal in mind – keeping people safe with quality, trustworthy protective equipment – Alert Care is meeting urgent needs. We continue to do so despite logistical challenges, complicated regulations, and a challenging manufacturing landscape.

Making Reliable & Compliant PPE

Alert Care is committed to making PPE widely available and compliant with different regulations all around the globe.

Building a Stronger Supply Chain

Ever-changing trade landscapes have made it a challenge, but Alert Care is continually strengthening its supply chain.

Evolving to Meet the Demand

Demand has skyrocketed to include not only critical workers, but also the average layperson. We deliver products to keep everyone safe.

Creating Better Protective Gear

By partnering with doctors, nurses, researchers, engineers and more, we can meet the healthcare industry’s needs.

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Get everyday medical supplies delivered right to your home.

Alert Care manufactures medical supplies and personal care products and delivers them to healthcare systems, clinics, and homes across the world. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve likely seen dozens of Alert Care products in healthcare settings. Perhaps you’ve even used them yourself. Now, you can easily get the same products that medical professionals use – delivered right to your door.

Healthcare and protective equipment needs to be accessible to everyone. We’re here to make it easier for you to stay safe, healthy, and well despite the difficulties of a global pandemic. No matter the setting – hospitals, clinics, businesses, or homes – we provide the best-quality PPE with stellar customer service.

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Shop our wide assortment of medical-grade PPE today

Each of us has a responsibility for the safety of our families and communities. Here’s our complete line of protective items, including Alert Care Face Masks, Alert Care Exam Gloves, and more. We offer fast delivery, helpful tips, and payment options. From essential health workers to your family at home, everyone should have full access to high-quality, affordable PPE – so we welcome you to browse our selections today!

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